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Knowledge Sharing Event

SKS Stowers London Event 2017

SKS Business Services had a great knowledge sharing event at Stowers London where Mr Sanjay Swarup highlighted topics concerning the financial aspect of various sectors of the economy. The event was held courtesy prestigious Saville Row Tailors, Stowers of London. Some of the topics discussed were-

• Tax Planning
• Inheritance Planning
• Corporate Finance
• Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

We are always looking out for new creative meeting formats that would engage our attendees. We all want to move beyond the one-size-fits-all, been-there-done-that sessions.

At the Stowers London exclusively corporate session, more industry specific discussion such as, How long we have been in the industry and what is our strength ? allowed Mr Sanjay Swarup to highlight how much knowledge was present in the room and encouraged the participants to use this opportunity and learn from one another.

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