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Advantages of Integrating Systems & Accounting Software

Business owners need to look for every advantage when it comes to running a business. A good accounting system should provide managerial reports, financial statements, reports prepared for outsiders and adequate information to file tax returns. Accounting systems track the income and expenses company. As the accounting methods are modified to fit the specific accounting needs of a company, We can access your current software or set you up with Xero or QuickBooks, the latest online accounting software that’ll make your accounting accessible, convenient and straightforward – and all at the touch of a button.

Simplicity & Reliability

A wide variety of accounting software programs are consumer friendly. Business owners can shop around to find a program that is easy to install, learn and use. Once the system is established with bank accounts, debts and vendors, the business owner only needs to update information as it comes in. Most of the major software programs make use of simple program. The math is accurate and reliable, so a business owner can easily and efficiently determine available funds as and when required.


Reporting is very important for any organization one of the major advantage of using a computerized invoice system is the capability to run reports. An aging report shows you who owes you, how much and for how long. This is done easily and puts you in control of your finances. You can contact customers who pays late, minimizing losses. A well-run business relies on prompt and reliable information, and a computerized invoicing system fits this requirement well.

Minimize Errors and increases Speed

Computerized packages for invoicing make the accounting process run faster and more efficiently–a major advantage. Instead of lengthy manual billing you can now print professional-looking invoices fast and send out invoices via e-mail. This enables you to get out invoice faster which likely gets a faster pay. When you use a computerized system, you make fewer mistakes in calculating totals or in typing, decreasing confusion. Invoice software usually allows you to include a tax percentage when appropriate, with the system performing all calculations. This is a useful advantage, especially when you have detailed invoices where hours or specific items are billed at different rates. Once a system is set up properly, you pick and choose items to be invoiced and the rest is done for you.

Significant IT Time and Cost Savings

With IT no longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems as well as the various integrations between them, a significant reduction in operational costs can be realized while IT time can be spent improving the business operations.

Greater control over vendor and customer information

The most tedious element of bookkeeping is having to capture and update information. And in a restaurant environment where competition is high and every vendor is trying to get their pound of flesh, you’re up for a lot of chopping and changing. POS integrates seamlessly with Sage to ensure that changes to vendor and customer data is easily updated across both platforms so you don’t have to duplicate every amendment manually. This also minimizes the chances of billing errors popping up as your creditors’ info is always up-to-date.


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